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Now is the time hot summer, love beautiful girls wearing pretty dresses go out, and wear earrings, necklaces, rings and other replica bvlgari divas necklace. Hot summer wear metal jewelry can improve the aesthetics, but simply can not wear jewelry and beautiful, there are many worthy of our attention.
Summer is hot, when wearing jewelry, do not wear dazzling jewelry, wearing gold jewelry color tone with cool, reserved mainly feel fresh vision.

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Summer clothing will be relatively small, not too many who wear jewelry. When Peiqia wear jewelry should be selected when a single piece of replica messika jewelry , and try to be brief in the style of choice, should not wear gorgeous jewelry.

Summer clothes less, when choosing not to wear jewelry selection front corner sharp ornaments, some jewelry in the shape of a pointed, claws and so easy to stimulate the skin’s shape. fake pomellato nudo jewelry and some relatively poor workmanship, or interface does not position, not smooth or rough grinding, are easy to hurt, injury or scratch the skin.

Summer jewelry pay attention to maintenance. High summer temperatures, the body sweat more, because the jewelry is not regularly cleaned, resulting in contact with the skin dermatological jewelry, gold replica hermes Clic H narrow bracelet must be regularly cleaned and disinfected, and exercise, bathe, sleep removed.