New arrival van cleef arpels jewelry

My first love happen in fifth grade, at that time, I fell in love with the girl who sat behind me, she wore a pair of cartier panther ring replica, I asked her why she would wear jewelry, Just like, she said.

She often pinching me, but every time she pinched me, I was very happy. Because she was the cutest girl in the class. But sometimes I will resist, to pull her hair.

Sometimes she offend me, sometimes I made her unhappy, when she was so angry and do not talk with me, I will draw a lot of pictures about fake hermes h bracelet given to her. and sign my name in the lower right corner of pictures.

Every time she accept pictures, she will said the replica van cleef jewelry that I draw very beautiful and asked me how can I make the jewelry that in the pictures into a real.
I said: “I will become a very powerful jewelry designer in the future, and I will design a lot of replica van cleef arpels perlee ring for you.”
She said: “Really?”
I said: “I Promise”

After graduation, she went somewhere far to read, and afterwards she went to Europe to study. I had no any word of her.

After several years, the fake vca necklace I designed was registered in fashion magazines. So she found me, she was very excited to see me, she said she can’t imagine that I would be a jewelry designer, and until now her drawer stood the pictures that I given to her.

At that moment, my tears almost fall down. and I want to talk to her: actually I was very like you. She said: actually I knew.

Finally, we’re not together, like many fairy tales. Now she is the mother of two children, she and her husband lived happily. And I will also continue to design my fake vca earring.

Love has a lot of regret and imperfect, let us take this tender regret, grow up with stubborn and happy.