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Friends, the world’s most familiar words, familiar to people by its true meaning. A pure accident, I have a deeper understanding of the word “friend”.

After Christmas, on the way back to the company, encounter robbery, my money was robbed, even a replica van cleef & arpels jewelry was snatched away, more serious is my right foot fracture. I was helpless to stay Train station platform, took out the phone to call friends, that time is midnight, my friends phone were turned off. In desperation, I had to call 120 for help.

Lying in the hospital, I feels like everything was cold. In this strange city, I have no relatives, helpless I was reminded of my friends, the mood of for help prompted me sent same message to several friends: My foot was broken.
By dawn, my cell phone ringing never stops, my friends call me one by one, they are concerned about to ask me: what happened to you? do you serious? which hospital you are in? I told them I’m OK, don’t worry about me, thank you.

fake van cleef & arpels clover bracelet
fake van cleef & arpels clover bracelet

To my surprise, many friends came to the hospital to visit me. The colleague who rarely communicate feelings in usually work, now closer than relatives. Colleagues pick me up to the hospital for injection, colleagues helped me to buy food for three meals a day, even a female colleague sent me a fake Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet, and hope it can bring me good luck.

I feel strange, usually, friends in the same city, rarely see once or twice a year, the friends who can not enticed by jewelry, but this time they came. My feet under the care of friends and colleagues was getting better every day.

without friends and colleagues, it’s impossible that my condition recover so fast. Share happy with friends, happiness will plug in the wings to fly on the blue sky; share sorrow with friends, sorrow with the fake panthere de cartier ring.