DIY Your Own Imitation Cartier VCA Pomellato Jewelry With Simple Material

My favorite summertime replica cartier juste un clou bracelet garners compliments wherever I go. The multiple strands feature a variety of red beads from coral to translucent glass, and the beaded lengths are twisted together so they cascade into a colorful river of beads. Simply amass a selection of beads in your favorite color to customize your own Color Fall Bracelet.

one • Attach two wires to each ring on the clasp using one crimp tube for each pair of wires. Double crimp the tubes with the crimping pliers (see Techniques, page 15). Trim away the excess wire tails with wire cutters.

two • String each strand with a random mix of replica amulette de cartier necklace, alternating between about 1″ (3cm) of seed beads, silver spacer beads and coral beads and the following sequence: silver seed bead, E bead, glass bead, bead, silver seed bead. Repeat the pattern and stagger it for each strand. As you finish beading, tape each end so the beads do not scatter.

three • Twist the strands so they are not laying straight. They should overlap each other.

four • Attach a mixed pair of strands to the other end of the clasp with crimp tubes

replica van cleef & arpels jewelry
replica van cleef & arpels jewelry

Red pearls, silver metal, cushion jade and clear glass rectangle beads are strung on separate wires to make the four distinctly different strands that come together in this replica pomellato jewelry. By placing small silver, clear and green seed beads between the larger beads, the strands begin to work together. The ornate rhinestone clasp is the final key in coordinating the four strands. The finished bracelet is so versatile, it pairs well with many outfits.

one • Attach four 8½” (22cm) wires to one end of a four-strand clasp with crimp tubes. Use crimping pliers to secure the wires. Trim the wire tails from the ends of the strands with wire cutters

two • String the first strand, alternating between jade cushion beads and silver seed beads. String the second strand with silver metal spacer beads. The approximate beaded length should be about 6½” (17cm). As you finish beading a strand, tape the free end to secure the beads.

three • String the third strand, alternating between faceted red pearls and silver seed beads. String the final strand in the following sequence: glass rectangle, green seed bead, E bead, green seed bead. Bead both strands until the replica van cleef & arpels jewelry length is about 6½” (17cm). Attach all four strands to the holes in the other end of the fourstrand clasp with crimp tubes.

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